Escursionismo Equestre


An experience on horseback immersed in flavours, landscapes and the charm of a territory waiting to be discovered! Horse riding is an experience rich in stimuli and adventures depending on the route you decide to take, a way to let yourself be guided on an exciting journey through the lands of Soave. Suitable for those who want to combine the excitement of an open air horseback ride with the pleasure of tasting the typical products of the Terre del Soave letting yourself go to a completely new experience.


Horse riding & tasting


Horse riding and tasting is one of the equestrian tourism activities that, above all, allows you to have a 360 degree experience immersing yourself in the context of a territory and to get to know its distinctive aspects through involvement, in different moments of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. We offer a unique experience, a wine tasting itinerary in various wineries on horseback in the beautiful hills of Soave. You just have to relax and enjoy this experience in a breathtaking landscape on horseback through the vineyards.

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